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We are constantly improving ourselves by maintaining the spirit of innovation.


With the global recognition and utmost care to environmental and ethical values, EMR is a textile industry
company working with prestigious ready-made garments brands in business solutions with creative
projects for actual needs in design, production, and logistics.
Established in 2002 in  Darıca production capacity for the year 2019 reached 100,000 units a month in
outerwear woven textiles

Having 150 people in administration office and internal production units, EMR employs aprox. 700 people
combined with its subcontracting production facilities and suppliers.
Improving steadily from the day of its establishment thanks to the support and trust of its clients and
business partners, EMR takes solid and paced steps for new targets believing in the principle of
continuous improvement.

As the EMR merits the support of its business partners, it carries out business duly aware of its social
responsibilities. The priority in EMR targets is to offer services on the best level that matches human and
nature in accordience with its vision.


To improve steadily, meriting the trust of our employee and business partners and fulfilling our humane,
social and natural responsibilities within the names of continuous improvement.


To become a global business solution partner with the principle of improvement, producing fashion
products of prestigious brands in the ready-made garment industry in a dynamic way.


  • Responsibility
  • Quality service
  • Expertise
  • togetherness
  • Creativity
  • Authenticity in Solutions
  • Reliability
  • Technological Infrastructure


Increasing the variety and quality of service; Our main goal is to provide customer satisfaction with quality, price and reliability. It is essential to ensure the participation, training and satisfaction of all employees for the continuous improvement of quality. We continue to serve our customers with the pride and happiness of keeping the leadership of raising the service standards of the logistics sector with the high quality services we provide to our customers.

Thank you for choosing us.