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R&D Strategies

We work with professionals in every aspect of our business.

In addition to developing the original product range in line with the analyzes made by constantly examining the changing market conditions on a global scale and the customer requirements oriented in this direction; targets the production technologies of the future with a sustainable understanding.

It allocates the necessary financial resources for all kinds of restructuring activities that will strengthen its R&D activities and technological infrastructure opportunities in line with its R&D strategy at an increasing rate;

  • In the light of science; To undertake value-creating studies for the research, development and application of innovative and sustainable production technologies,
  • Increasing existing market power and creating new market opportunities,
  • To increase the budget allocated for R&D by 5 percent each year,
  • To increase the product income resulting from R&D above the annual turnover of our company,
  • To increase awareness by participating in award-winning competitions with innovative project ideas,
  • To make the R&D Center a science center and to feed it continuously and to share the knowledge and experience in the sector.
Ön Hazırlık