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EMR Textile

Apparel Manufacturer

We are moving towards the future with stronger steps.

01. Good quality

EMR Tekstil produces quality fabrics from quality raw materials for a quality life. In line with your wishes and needs, the best quality and stylish fabrics come from the power of lean production.

02. Customer Satisfaction

We keep the satisfaction of our customers above everything else, and in line with this working principle we have, we have always been able to go one step further in the sector for many years.

03. Employee Satisfaction

In the completely transparent working policy we have created for our employees, it is our duty to analyze their motivation and needs and to meet them as soon as possible.

We develop and manufacture high quality products in our full service supply chain to deliver fast, reliable and sustainable customer success.

Contact us to find the right partner who will listen to your needs sensitively and meticulously implement the decisions you make, have ethical values ​​and provide open service at every stage.

Customer-Specific Solutions

We know that each of our customers has different needs, and we organize all our processes towards these needs. We do not force our customers to adapt to a standard service model that does not appeal to them, we create a flexible model that they can arrange according to their own preferences. We are constantly working for the satisfaction of our customers, whom we see as individuals with different priorities.

With our experienced and expert staff, we offer consultancy in the field of textile, necessary documents, waiting times, etc. We follow up on many issues. We never leave our customers alone in times of crisis, we manage crises effectively by producing solutions for them. We suggest types according to the product type, so we prevent any victimization caused by equipment in the textile process.


Shipment to Country


Professional Experience


Corporate Firm

Quality Oriented Production

Quality control in a customer-oriented service and product approach.

It has brought a different perspective to the sector with its quality products, perfect service and reasonable price policy by synthesizing the trend products of our country's leading supply chains with customer needs and choosing them carefully.

Product development

Our team, which detects trends, follows fashion publications and interprets special colors and patterns for each season.

Customer Representative

Our representatives have a grasp of the details to stand out among their competitors in the ever-changing market of the clothing industry.

Product Technician

Our technician takes part in the healthy initiation of the process of controlling the pattern, size and workmanship of textile garments.

Logistics Providers

In supply chain management, we must ensure that all products reach their destination safely and on time.